Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Street Artists of Montmartre and the Fascination of Stevie Nicks

“I took my love, I took it down.” -Nicks

Stumbled through the northern artist district of Montmartre watching the street artists and thinking such grand thoughts.

“Climbed a mountain and I turned around.”  -Nicks

The artists always approach you with a smile, fingers on notepad already scribbling your likeness, asking won't you buy one, just one?

“I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills, till the landslide brought me down.” -Nicks

It's a show for the tourists, the Parisians don't care... the boys kicking soccer balls against the bricks don't care, the men in the shops sipping from porcelain cups, don't care.

“Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love?”  -Nicks

So I care for them.  I watch and scribble and turn the page and start again.  Shouldn't we all live that way, like artists do?

“Can the child within my heart rise above?”  -Nicks

In the street cafes you can breathe, you can sit and watch the pigeons land on your table and nibble  your crumbs and let life be.

“Can I sail through the changing ocean tides?  Can I handle the seasons of my life?”  -Nicks

Through the windows you can watch the daily life around you in secret stolen moments.  A mother busily washing tomatoes.  A father arranging flowers in a vase.  Two lovers appear wrapped in shawls, one pulls the other back inside.

“I’ve been afraid of changing because I’ve built my life around you.”  -Nicks

In the galleries you can see have importance explained and exampled for you, just in case you didn't already know.

“But time makes you bolder even children get older and I’m getting older too.”  -Nicks

Life is full of wondrous entertainment... this street performer didn't move for over three hours, people kept putting coins in his bucket, going up beside him and touching him, poking him, putting their arms around him, one woman kissed his cheek, another tried to steal his hat.  Still, he didn't move.  Who was entertaining who?

“Take my love, take it down.”  -Nicks

My legs have walked so many streets.  Sometimes I look down at my feet while walking and think, I've gone down so many roads.

“If you see my reflection in the snow covered hills…”  -Nicks

Other times I finally sit and rest, think and listen and watch.  I heard this old song today by this band I still love after all these years.  This woman's voice touched me again.  I hope people read these and are touched too.  I hope you go through your life with contemplation and dreams.  I'm still dreaming, too.

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