Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beatles Story Museum Quiz

Okay you Beatlemaniacs!  Here at the Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool we take the Fab Four as serious and Wanting to Hold Your Hand!  Which believe me, is pretty serious stuff!  Take the following Beatles Quiz.  Answers at the bottom.

1. What was the Beatles first single in 1962?

2. What was the title of Beatles manager Brian Epstein’s autobiography?

3. Which Beatles album consisted only of Lennon/McCartney compositions?

4.  Who gave the Beatles their name in April, 1960?

5.  Which Beatles song did Frank Sinatra describe as the greatest love song every written?

6.  What was the name of the Captain in the Beatles animated movie Yellow Submarine, and where did he take the Fab Four?

7.  What is Ringo’s name in Japanese?

8.  What’s the original name of the Beatles?

9.  What was the only song John Lennon recorded by himself while with the Beatles?

1. Love Me Do
2. A Cellarfull of Noise
3. Hard Day’s Night
4. John Lennon, originally The Beetles because he liked bugs, then changed it to a pun, The Beatles
5. Something, by George Harrison. Just look up Patti Boyd, even Rock’s Most Beautiful Muse gets old
6. Captain Fred, and they all went to Pepperland to rid the Blue Meanies of hateful music.
7. Ringo is the Japanese word for Apple
8. The Quarrymen
9. Julia

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