Friday, September 28, 2012

Holding Down the Fort

 While Dad is away... time for some girl bonding time.  Oh yes... that means yoga in the mornings with Mom.
 Rebekah loves pulling out her own teeth.  Basically, I blame her Taiwanese teachers for pulling out one with a tissue, making my daughter think this is cool, and now she wants to pull all of them out.
 Kinu, pretending to be a couch caterpillar.  I can sense some tummy tickling coming up...!
 Xian building with some mega blocks... she prefers the smaller ones but sometimes the old ones are tough to give up.
 Rebekah and her awesome white blanket.  Once we forgot it in a hotel and paid a driver $50 US to drive it to us over 100 miles away.  It was either that or face my daughter's wrath.
 This picture was taken in the early summer of 2012, my Mom had sent a world map through the mail and we picked it up and the girls carried it back from the post office.  Nice one, Grandma!
Basically, it's not easy holding down the fort while I'm gone.  But pancakes sure help, don't they?

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