Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stop It, Edinburgh!

Oh... Edinburgh, let me sing of your beauty...This beautiful Scottish City has four major sections: The Royal Mile which towers above the city, Castle Rock, with its amazing shops, pubs, churches and collection of weirdos, Princess Street with fashionable selections and upscale boutiques, and Old Town with charm and touches of old world cool.
There are a lot of famous people who came from Edinburgh, including David Hume, Robert Louis Stevenson, and original bad ass Sir Walter Scott.  Also Sean Connery, who was knighted at the Palace of Hollyrood in 2,000 (originally Mr. Bond refused the ceremony until Scotland's independence was recognized).  Oh, and something about a J.K. Rowling wrote some books in the coffee shops here, but I'd never heard of her.
Of course, running next to Princess Street is the National Gallery. While I was there the Munch and Van Gogh's were in town.  Not "The Scream" though...that was just bought for a record sum.  Alas... moving on.
Apparently centuries ago there was a terrible sewage problem in the city which had the nickname "Auld Reekie"  The smell is gone, but the medieval feel still remains.
My favorite place in Edinburgh is Old Town which runs south from the Castle and the Royal Mile to the two areas known as Grassmarket and Cowgate.
Old Town is known for its narrow wynds (lanes) and funny little staircases rising up into the shadows.
But I also found delish the Haggis and Haddock, along with turnip porridge and local venison.
Here's some of the funny food lingo:
Black Pudding:  Blood Sausage
Bridie:  Meat and Potato Pie
Clapshot:  Mashed Turnips
Irn-Bru:  Local Orange Soft Drink
Ploughman's Lunch:  Roll, Cheese, Sausage
Sultanas:  Yellow Raisins
Haggis:  Sheep Innards
Kippers:  Smoked Herrings
The Olympics were just about to start and the city was also in a frenzy.

So what's a poor boy to do but find a little spot all his own and read up on the city he's been exploring for days. Edinburgh, you really shouldn't have. You're just showing off.

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