Friday, September 7, 2012

The Wonderful Fabulous Amazing Breathtaking World of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow School of Art

Buildings coated in iron work leaves and headless white angels atop staircases taking flight, steel fence posts like Spartan spears and slanted wooden bookcases in rooms folded like houses of cards... yes, Charles Rennie Mackintosh was here!
When you travel to Glasgow, you must sneak in to the Glasgow School of Art which was founded in 1845 but revisioned years later by Charles Mackintosh.
To wander the crooked staircases and peruse the bookshelves here is to marvel.  Every little corner is covered in something expressive, curiously modern, and hilariously inspired.
And always blending some kind of natural element like wood or light with man made steel and glass, iron and tile.  It just takes your breath away.
And Charles Mackintosh was the School of Art's greatest student.  Born in Glasgow in 1868 and in 1884 began his apprenticeship there.  Here he learned to discount the Greek and Roman traditions and to head out under his own notions of the future.
In time, Mackintosh became England's greatest modern architect and an inspiration to millions of students.
Walking around the Glasgow School of art I laughed and giggled and stopped dead in my tracks in awe.  The way these students see the world and create functional designs leaves you wanting to be a part of it somehow.
As an American, it's hard to get inspired by the objects and space that has been created for us.  Sure there is an abundance of natural beauty, but our strip malls and warehouse stores are buckets of vomit compared to the old stones of Europe.
That's why these places are special, to amaze and bedazzle us, and keep us searching for more.

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