Friday, October 12, 2012

Are you strong enough to be my man?

“Nothing’s true and nothing’s right, so let me be alone tonight. Cause you can’t change the way I am.” -Crow, Strong Enough

It was nine o'clock, my sleeves rolled up, necktie tucked into my shirt over the button.  I'm stacking desks and pulling in chairs.  Picking garbage off the floor and tacking posters back on the wall.  Back of my neck caked in dried sweat.  Day was over.  Time for the long bus ride home through the desert.
“I have a face I cannot show. I make the rules up as I go. It’s try and love me if you can.” -Crow, Strong Enough

Then this song came on the radio.  Just me alone in the classroom cleaning up after all these students have left, kicking over chairs, tossing their cigarette butts and trash on the floor, racing away in their cars toward the faraway lights.  Now I'm alone, listening to this song in an empty room thousands of miles from home.
“When I’ve show you that I just don’t care, when I’m throwing punches in the air. When I’m broke down and I can’t stand.” –Crow, Strong Enough

I haven't seen my daughters in almost fifty days.  Just marking off days on a calendar and keeping my head low.  I know many of you are asking me when I will post pictures about the life here, about the Arabian desert and my students and some of the funny and insane adventures I'm having.
“Lie to me, I promise I’ll believe.” -Crow, Strong Enough

And Thank YOU!  All of my friends and family members who continue to write to me, who are a constant source of goodness.  I know I have sent so many of you ranting, frothing, dreadful letters... I have unloaded on so many of you with frustration and fear and exhaustion coupled with exuberance and fantastic tales... and all of you have sent me such sweet correspondence back. You've reminded me that there are other places in the world waiting... and I will return to them, a much stronger man.

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