Friday, November 9, 2012

The apples, Bill. The apples!

"The leaves will fall again sometime and fill the fleece of nature with those purposes..."  -Hart Crane, Sunday Morning Apples

To all my dearest friends who send me such wonderful pictures of my hometown which I miss so much... this is for you.  Yes, Keep Portland Beautifully Weird!"
"But now there are are challenges to spring in that ripe nude with head reared..."  -Hart Crane, Sunday Morning Apples

Thank you for the streets of downtown with the yellow and red and orange leaves crumbling under foot.
"Into the realm of swords, her purple shadow bursting on the winter of the world..."  -Hart Crane, Sunday Morning Apples

Thank you for the crisp sidewalks of Sellwood, wet moss on stones in the shade, wood porches with swinging screen doors, running after the mailman just to say..."Morning, Sam!"
"A boy runs with dog before the sun, straddling spontaneities that form their independent orbits..."  -Hart Crane, Sunday Morning Apples

Thank you for the exploding fireworks of Beaverton and all the old friends and students once there that still write.
"I have seen the apples there that toss you secrets..."  -Hart Crane, Sunday Morning Apples

Thank you for drives to work in the misty morning, warming up car heaters in the shivering cold cab, wrapping fingers around warm coffee mugs huddled together.  There was a deer walking through here yesterday, where is she today?
"Put them beside a pitcher with a knife and poise them full and ready for explosion..."  -Hart Crane, Sunday Morning Apples

Thank you for endless afternoons of sky gazing toward cerulean possibilities... the autumn we carry within.
"The apples, Bill, the apples!"  -Hart Crane, Sunday Morning Apples

I miss Portland.  Thank you so much for these pictures.  You have no idea how much I needed to see these.

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