Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Prisoner of Zenda

 “My neighbours think me an indolent, dreamy, unsociable fellow. Yet I am a young man; and sometimes I have a fancy…”  -The Prisoner of Zenda

So I leave Paris over the clouds across the land halfway around the world back to the tiny island of Taiwan where all the precious people in my life lay waiting.
 “My part in life is not yet altogether played; that, somehow and some day, I shall mix again in great affairs…”  -The Prisoner of Zenda

It reminds me of this book I read as a kid by Anthony Hope about a aimless bachelor getting on in years who goes on a walkabout and is mistaken for a king under siege at all sides by usurpers.
 “I shall again spin policies in a busy brain, match my wits against my enemies', brace my muscles to fight a good fight and strike stout blows.”  -The Prisoner of Zenda

How he takes on the cause to free this king imprisoned in a tower, forges friendships, shows mighty bravery, charges into battles and duels, and falls in love.
 “Such is the tissue of my thoughts as, with gun or rod in hand, I wander through the woods or by the side of the stream.”  -The Prisoner of Zenda

Only to return home, in the end, keeping it all a secret from the pestering nosy family members that think his life is so worthless and unfulfilled.

“Led by memory, I lay for my new exploits.. to see myself once again in the crowded streets of Strelsau, or beneath the frowning keep of the Castle of Zenda.”  -The Prisoner of Zenda

It's important to live out your fantasies.  Never stop wanting.  Live like your life were a centuries old book given to children to dream.

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