Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kid Snorkeling in Borneo's Manukan Island

 Took a taxi down to the Kota Kinabalu Marina and hired a little fishing boat out to Manukan Island. 

 SungJoo was born on an island in Korea, the girls have snorkeling and fishing in their blood.

 Manukan Island has great snorkeling for kids.  The water is clear, the waves easy and calm, lots of funky fish rolling around, and the gear fits just right.
 Plus, my kids were basically born in swimming pools...

 Rebekah found a seashell... peekaboo!

 But there were so many other fish to identify:  flounders and jelly fish and coral and we even saw a barracuda.

 Kinu... of course, just wanted to relax on the picnic table...

 Look at this guy!  Does he not look like an experienced snorkeler and island hopper?  Okay, don't answer that.
But Manukan Island is safe and easy and fun for the whole family.  A cool day for the girls in Borneo running around and swimming on the bottom of the sea.

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