Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Rapping Jihadist

  Okay… there was another school stabbing in China.  A bunch of elementary kids were caught off guard by a lunatic with a knife until… oh yes, he was tackled by… wait for it… TEACHERS!.  So as I was cruising around Borneo's Kota Kinubalu Central Market, I was looking for something funny to take my mind off it.  I think I found it outside a small fisherman's mosque down a back alley.
  Please tell me you've never heard of Omar Hammami?  He’s an Alabama born “terror rapper” who goes by the eponymous (no street cred) name “Abu Mansur al-Amriki.”  He has released several rap songs praising... jihad?  But they are so bad and awful that the Muslim Brotherhoods around the world have been plugging their ears and quietly shushing him up for years.  Apparently, other songs are pro-jihad a capella love songs…which, (and this is no laughing matter because the FBI wants this scumbag) but…  I mean, come on… a capella jihad… merits half a giggle at least?
But it made me think of rap music in general and how the White Establishment infiltrated this Black art form and created all these Vanilla Ices and Eminems and now R&B genital warts like Justin Bieber and even more putrid... this Asian wave of copycats... and how Black artists must just think…oh for Pete’s Sake!   I’m going to go start a new art form.   To which the White Establishment said… “Gosh, that worked out swell!”
  Maybe that’s the best way to defeat Muslim aggression, just create legions of these smarmy, musk scented (assuming), heavily bearded crooners singing unrequited love ballads to their dynamite belts or how their camels have “back.”  Let's create a couple of ashmatic Muslim Little Waynes or ridiculous chest pounding Tygas and see how long until they change their tune.  I think this Jihadist rapper should be the subject of Sacha Baron Cohen’s next film.
If I were still teaching in Saudi Arabia, I can only speculate the trouble I would have caused by just mentioning this subject with students.  I could have faced imprisonment or worse.  In fact, it’s not funny.  Nothing funny about it.  I’m only laughing because I made it out of there alive.

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