Thursday, January 10, 2013

Burt Reynolds in Hooper, Just for the Hell of It

-Nampodong, Busan:  Homeless man being kicked out of a stairwell violently by the landlord who was striking him and cursing him loudly causing a scene.  The man rode away on a bicycle... which is when I took this picture as he passed.  This was the same man I saw the night before on the frozen snowy street, passing I wondered, how is he going to survive the night?  But then I was off, chasing my daughters toward the big lit-up Christmas Tree.

-Dong-A University Main Gate, Hadan Busan:  This awesome mechanical robot was malfunctioning outside a 7-Eleven, jerking back and forth in convulsions.  I was shopping for mittens.

-Tae-Ti Market, Busan: This man was pulling a cart full of collapsed cardboard boxes and looking at the road, not making eye contact.  I was wandering around scribbling and thinking about this movie I'd seen the night before, Burt Reynolds in Hooper about the life of a stuntman in Hollywood.

-Shin Sae Gae Department Store, Haeundae Busan:  This sharp dressed man was perusing books, ordinarily I would have observed what he was reading, just for kicks... but I couldn't catch the title in Korean.
Anyway... in Hooper, Reynolds' mortality is confronted by this younger more daring stuntman played by Jan Michael Vincent.  The movie has amazing stunts, free falls, car crashes, motorcycle jumps.  The men are beat up and bruised, broken down, and in the end try to walk away but can't.

-Johnny Depp outside Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in Shin Sae Gae, Haeundae Busan:  Hooper got me thinking, I was talking to this dad the other day, somebody I respect, who has a seventeen year old son who suffered a head contussion while skateboarding.  He was telling me, the difference between being a good or bad parent often relies on how lucky or skilled your kid is at what they try.  If they are talented, you're a good parent for pushing them, but if they fail, the parent is always blamed.  He said he was thinking about this in the hospital room sitting over his son while the swelling in his brain subsided.  Hard nights, impossible nights, for a father on his knees beside the bed.
- Woman Without Neck on Sidewalk, Shin Pyoung, Busan:  Saw this lady while I was passing in a taxi and she made me laugh.  Burt Reynolds make me laugh too, just standing there mugging for the camera, stupid look on his face as if nothing in the world mattered.  Then in the movie, when the cameras started rolling and he was hanging from a high wire, suddenly this silly man had put himself in a life or death struggle.
- Men Watching Chess Game in the Park, Kalag Town, Busan:  What's it worth to make somebody laugh or think?  What's it worth to give yourself or another a thrill?

- Leopard Skinned Jacket Boy in Shin Sae Gae, Busan:  In Arabia, the boys cared nothing for their own safety.  They'd drag race cars, roll them, slam them like bumper cars on the highway.  They'd step out of moving cars speeding downt he highway and skate in their sandals along the road.  They'd flip the car on two wheels and surf on the hood while rolling down the highway in traffic.  It's on youtube, I won't provide the link.  My Arabian students thought it was the funniest thing in the world to die.
- Bundled Frozen Woman Walking, Nampodong Busan:  I don't think I'm giving it away but... in the end of Hooper, Burt Reynolds punches out the movie director that's been pushing him to do all these dangerous stunts... just for "the hell of it."

- Old Lady Waiting for Bus, Gu Po, Busan:   Am I too cautious now?  Do I need a little more Burt Reynolds from the late 70's in my life?  When does a person cross over from daredevil to wise old turtle?  Answer me that.  When does, just for the hell of it become... ah, hell no!

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