Monday, January 7, 2013

Da Dae Po Fishing Village: New Things to Do in Busan, South Korea

Da Dae Po- After strolling on the deserted beach, we headed into the little village beside the pine forest for some nakshi.
Thousands of fish are delivered every day and dumped on the harbor.  Hard working men and women box them in ice and load them on trucks for delivery.
There is a small fish market with octopus and eel, shark fin, tiger shark, salmon, urchin, blow fish, and squid.
You walk into the fresh fish market and the woman will scoop the fish right out of the tank, cut it up for you, and serve it to you upstairs with spicy sauces, barely tea, spirits, and delicious side dishes.
Although Chalgalchi Fish Market is Busan's best, and one of the best in the country because it is next to fun and crazy Nampodong, I was totally surprised by Da Dae Po.
It was modern with little boutique hotels, perfect for lovers on quick holidays.  There were small businesses and modern apartments and open areas for summer swimming and winter strolling.
Best of all, my daughters had a blast touching the fish in tanks and asking the old ladies about their shapes and colors.  You're always surprised in a Korean fish market.  Don't fight the crowds... try a secret hidden Busan spot.  Check out Da Dae Po fishing village in Sa Ha Gu toward the end of the Shin Pyoung subway line one. 

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