Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I Google Earth You

Brother and sister in pajamas
Waddling in the dust
Nibbling corn on a stick
Uncle sleeps on his motorcycle propped up beneath the banana trees
While auntie sweeps in swirls a brisk straw on the floor
Hovering from above, I see you.
Black cinder track covered in weeds
Beside the little school house with white shudders
Wash out rice bowls with a hose little girls
The boys are putting away the books
Stopping by to check
Do you remember your teacher who drew the funny animals with chalk?
He remembers you.
Red brick buildings
Stacked heads of matchbook sticks
Popping through the frozen white
Trains running through snow like huffing and puffing caterpillars
You click your camera as they pass by
I wait to see when the frost will thaw.
Lipid pool on quiet street
Tracks of rolling houses in humps
Winding rattle snake lanes
Leading up the hills
To the little mushroom home that kiss the trees
Is that a deer in your front yard?
You’re by the window, yes
Wiling away the hours.
White chickens in the brown coop
Beside the barn where I used to swing
Forests of evergreens cut into squares
And the bike path leading down to Milk Creek
Your garden is growing fine
Flowers in pink and radiant blooms
Squash any ants today?
I miss you.

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