Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's 2013 and the World Has No End

 Had one of those mornings again where I wake up in one country, have lunch in another, and by dinner I'm in a third ready to lay my head down to rest... only to wake up tomorrow and head for a fourth.
 Except for today it's New Year's Eve.

 We say goodbye to Borneo: to jungle treks and gliding on ocean winds, to sea fishing and local market shopping, to digging our toes in the sand and chasing dragons into the brush as we look toward the setting sun.
 Happy New Year, Everyone!

What I wanted to say was this... that there is so much goodness in the people I know.  That as I type this by the window looking out over the fireworks of Taiwan, getting ONE NIGHT of rest in my own bed...to not believe all the horrible news you read everyday about the end of the world.  We're all doing just fine! 
Everyone I love and care deeply about is doing exactly what they want with who they want.  They're thriving!  And closing my eyes and imagining you all brings me such satisfaction. 
My daughters are healthy and well.  This time last year, Xian was coming out of the intensive care unit... my how times have changed.
For myself, I have kept a record of my travels on this blog now for four years, and a great many things have changed... and I know tomorrow some great catastrophe might happen and I will be forced to claw my way out from the bottom again.  But for today... for tonight... I realize I'm more content now than I've been in years. 
Thank you all. 

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