Monday, January 7, 2013

Lost Gloves, Broken Seashells, and Snow on the Shores of Da Dae Po Busan

Da Dae Po Fishing Village, Sa Ha Gu, Busan:  Took the Sunday afternoon and rode out from Shin Pyoung down the new highway along the Naktong River to Da Dae Po.
Cold frosty air and sand... reminded me of the Oregon Coast.

Reminded me of Arabia too.

There were little stone bridges and a hilltop forest.

A pack of boys ran in snow along the shore.

Xian lost a glove throwing sticks and we trekked back along the footprint trail to find them.  We talked about keeping valuable things together.
Rebekah pocketed a little handful of seashells but threw them all away because they were too sandy in her pants.  I went back and picked the prettiest one.  She doesn't know it yet, but I'll lay it under her pillow tonight while she sleeps.

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