Thursday, January 3, 2013

Under the Lights in Nampodong, Busan South Korea

 Busan, Korea:  I awake in Korea.  Spent the morning sitting around the little apartment on the warm on-dol floor sketching trees and mountainscapes out the window on a little notepad on the low lacquer table.
 That night we head out to Nampodong to walk under the Christmas lights.  It's so cold my nose burns in the frozen air and taking off my mittens to snap pictures hurts.
 Korea has changed so much since I lived and wrote here.  The people and the city have aged into the future without me.
 Yet some things never change... a pair of lovers eat steamy o-deng soup outside a street vendor and the women wrap their faces in thick shawls, standing on the corners welcoming customers into their store.
There is a feeling here that never goes away, this little Korean spirit of sweetness and fun, of romance and charm.  Every Korean knows it and keeps it alive deep within.  Even foreigners like me know it, and carry it too.  Happy New Year, Busan.

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