Saturday, January 5, 2013

What Catches Your Eye?

Daeshing Dong, Busan:  Hanging Korean Lanterns in Palace Restaurant outside Children's Play Area

GuPo, Busan: Apartment Mailboxes on a frozen Thursday Morning

TaeTi, Busan:  Egg Cartons in the Outdoor Market on the way to have my Shoes Cobbled.

Nampodong, Busan:  Underwear Models in Window Display. 

Naktong River, Busan:  Street Graffiti beneath a yukyo.

Hadan, Busan:  Broken Down Punching Machine outside Cowboy Bar beneath Dong A University.  Yes, it still has a taunting recording calling passers-by wimps.

Hadan, Busan:  Batting Cages at Bus Stop #68.  I've ridden on this bus and almost split my ribs hitting fast balls her more times than I can count.

Busan National University, Busan:  Duck Socks in Outdoor Street Market.

Shin Sae Gae Department Store, Busan:  Two Magpies in the Morning, Sky Garden, World's Largest Department Store.

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