Saturday, February 9, 2013

Freaky Deaky Park People

The following photos were taken on jogs through the Taichung People's Park this last week.  The Zombie Apocalypse might not be real, sorry folks... but in Asia, the freak show is always rocking.  (Above: Creepy Cosplay Japanese Anime School Girl... on a date?  Please tell me that's really a dude inside)
(In Asia, pink ruffled skirts seem to sell everything from bank loans to anti-wrinkle cream... here, these women, and the guys in a barber shop quartet...? We're passing out coupons for a day spa that had just opened up across the street)

 (Two random women getting their picture taken.  Must be a marriage photo album)

 (When this woman left her house this morning she did a double take in the mirror and thought... I look fabulous)
 (Buddhist monk rolling by me on a cell phone.  Funny)

 (I see this one very often, dude with a white rabbit on a leash.  He's a bit camera shy, but then again, what's the point of walking your pet rabbit in the park if you're not begging to have some schmuck like me take your picture)
 (Sweet Super Mario mosaic on bathroom urinal next to neighborhood Taoist Temple)

 (Yes, that's a perfect rat tail on a shaved head... with a dude wearing sandals... awesome)

 (I acted so covert when I snapped this picture.  I was hoping she was a bandita)

(Note to Taiwanese people, if you're a bicycle bagman collecting plastic bags and you pass out drunk in the park, I will put your picture on the internet... you've been warned!)

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