Friday, February 8, 2013

Scooter Death Taiwan

Rolled up on this accident today moments after it happened, saw this man trying to lift himself up in the middle of the road.
Scooter culture in Asia is hard to understand.  Life seems so cheap and careless at times.  You see accidents everyday...
Of course, most are accidents of fashion...

But others are totally avoidable...

Taiwan passed this law a few years back that every motor scooter driver had to wear a helmet... it upset a lot of old timers.  Most now just lay a strapless helmet on the back of their dome, but I've seen construction hard hats and once even saw an old woman with a Johnny Appleseed cooking pot atop her noggin.  (That's not really using the Ole Noodle if you ask me.  But who's asking?)
The thing about living in Asia is, you learn to just drive on by.  Nobody stops.  In fact, it's illegal in many cases to jump in and try to help because you become liable.  There are laws against Good Samaratains.  I had a friend the other day whose bicycle was struck by a woman in an SUV as he was leaving school, and the woman just threw money at him and charged away.  He was all right, and had no illusions as to what had happened.
The old man that struck this motorist didn't know what to do. He walked around the body.  He stood there looking down.  He walked back to his car.  Nobody stopped.  It was just another morning commute in Taiwan.

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