Thursday, February 14, 2013

Taichung Crocodile Farm (台中鳄鱼养殖场)

About thirty minutes outside the city of Taichung, driving east away from the central train station out Zhen Xing Road, is the Taichung Crocodile Farm.

 Of course, I've been told they're not actually crocodiles, more a weird combination of Indian Gharials (gavialis gangeticus) and Siamese Crocodiles (crocodylus siamensis).  Still, they're big and scary and look the part.

 It's case you're a lost foreigner driving by, here's the main entrance...

 Here's the address if you want to go by taxi.

 They've got a sweet collection of gator skins and stuffed crocs and odd Asian weaponry and different pens of turtles and gators and fish and all for the price of 50 NT$ a head. (that's about $1.50.  cheap)

 My daughter's thought it was hilarious, especially since the crocodiles barely moved.  I mean, we couldn't tell if they were stuffed or statues or real live moving creatures lazily enjoying the sun or what... and then they finally started moving and we jumped like actors in Jurassic Park.
 But the best part is...wait for it... Crocodile Penis Wine (鳄鱼阴茎酒)  Oh yes, that exactly what it says.  How awesome is that?  Right up there with deer antler spray and tiger's blood.  Oh, I heart you, Asia.
 There's even some chum all ground up and ready for you... if you so desire, to feed these lifeless beasts. 
All in all, I would give the Taichung Crocodile farm about a C+.  I have three kids and we are constantly looking for cool funny places to find adventure. We've been everywhere. So, if you've seen everything... and if you've been here a year or so and thought you've tried it all, head to the crocodile farm and knock yourself out.

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