Friday, February 15, 2013

Stock 20 Railway Station Art Gallery (台中艺术工作室 )

 Okay... I get it.  You're stuck in this little dinky industrial city, Taichung Taiwan and you've been to the Art and Science museums and a couple of different parks and the mosquitoes ate you alive and you don't like hot pot restaurants and the street food is too greasy and... have you tried the Stock 20 Railway Station yet?
 I thought so!  First off, the Taichung Railway Station is pretty cool itself.  Whether arriving from a neighboring town via the slow chugging locomotive or just hanging around people watching... (loads of drama, young school kids ditching class bumming smokes off grumpy old farts and businessmen looking for hookers and 'short time' hotels)... plus in a city like this, the Train Station is one of the only buildings with any real character.
 You head down the stairs into the subway like tunnel... and hang a right.

 Then you follow the signs... (by the way, sometimes these little underground passages are the best place for your kids to play.  There's no scooters crashing into them on sidewalks or busy passenger cars who'd rather run over your foot than slow down for three seconds)  Okay, enough complaining.  Here are some facts:
  Stock 20 is a series of railway warehouse art studios behind the Taichung Train station where working artists have space to explore and speak to the public.

  In typical Asia fashion… “The Art Network of the Railway Warehouses project began in 1997, where the Council for Cultural Affairs suggested the railway warehouses were tall, wide, and had spatial characteristics suitable for art display.” So “Asia Funny” yes?

  Well, whatever the official Taiwan word is, it’s a pretty cool place to hang out and take your kids for an afternoon or evening.  There are other warehouses, including ones in Hsinchu, Chiayi, Fangliao, Taitung, and Haulien.  According to the Ministry of Culture, these “symbolize the growing  artistic renaissance led by the ‘train engine.’”  (I have no idea what that means)

There's even a little cafe with various milk teas and small deserts.  It's a cool date spot, a funky solo hang out, and if you have kids, a place that might actually inspire you.  So give it a shot.  Stock 20 won't disappoint.

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