Thursday, March 7, 2013

Interplanet Janet on the Shores of Da Nang, Vietnam

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane.  Why it must be a UFO!”  -School House Rocks, Interplanet Janet

Swiss Golden Bell Resort, Da Nang Veitnam: Dec 30th, 2012:  The rooms were full of moldy rot all stained green on the walls.  Hints of mildew and sawdust on the electrical outlets and so we just headed outside for fresh air.
  “They say our solar system is centered around the sun… Nine planets, large and small, parading by…”  -School House Rocks, Interplanet Janet

I hate to complain, I mean we stayed here a handful of days on a friend's request, but my asthma went crazy and I would wake up at night gasping and have to open the windows and face the salty sea or else.
  “But somewhere out in space there’s another shining face… that you might see some night up in the sky.”  -School House Rocks, Interplanet Janet

On the beach the girls were fine.  We made sand castles and chased waves.  You know, the usual kid stuff.  It was windy and the when the rains came they bolted over the lush green hills like attacking chariots.
  “Interplanet Janet, she’s a galaxy girl.  A solar system Miss from a future world.  She travels like a rocket with her comet team and there’s never been a planet Janet hasn’t seen.”  -School House Rocks, Interplanet Janet

But we didn't care.  We hitched rides into the city of Da Nang to eat broiled fish and hung out in the markets watching the people prepare for the upcoming storm.
“Mercury was near the Sun so Janet stopped by… but the mercury on Mercury was much too high.  So Janet split for Venus but on Venus she found… she couldn’t see a thing for all the clouds around.”  -School House Rocks, Interplanet Janet

It was New Years, but those moments don't register when you are on a little jungle island under the hanging Christmas lights with racing scooters and fishing boats bobbing in the night harbor.
“Mars is red and Jupiter’s big and Saturn shows off its rings.  Uranus is built on a funny tilt and Neptune is its twin… and Pluto, little Pluto, is the farthest planet from the Sun.”  -School House Rocks, Interplanet Janet

In the worst of those moments, with the mold and the rot and the damp wood beside such beauty as the little sandy cove and the swaying palm trees, on the day before New Year's Eve... not knowing if storm or sun would come...for some reason, I thought of you, Janet.  Your song just popped into my head.  Standing there in the middle of the night gasping for air, wondering what tomorrow would bring.

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