Monday, March 18, 2013

Ode to Soccer Dads

  We take this break in the Vietnam Journals to give a special shout out to Soccer Dads Everywhere!  I know, this mantle is usually reserved for the Soccer Moms.  Those Super Human Valkyrie Suburban Vixen who balance checkbooks and make countless Costco runs and bake Snickerdoodles and organize fundraisers for children in Darfur… but not this time.
 This is for the Dads!
  Let me tell you… I know a lot of fathers out there who are killing it!
  Fathers who work all day and still find the time to pick their kids up from school and do bike rides and solve homework equations and create Science Fair exhibits and tuck their tykes into bed each night with stories.
  Dads who are on a first name basis with the school librarian, who teach Sunday School or volunteer as a Scout leader.  Dads who wouldn’t pick up a pair of golf clubs on the weekend if you paid them.  Dads with gift cards in their wallets to the Arts and Crafts Barn.  Yeah… those guys.  The ones holding it all together.
Look, Soccer Moms, we love you.  You’re great!  But there’s also another group out there too.  Unsung and unheralded, asking for nothing but one more day to do it all over again with their kids.

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