Thursday, March 21, 2013

They Signed Me In As "Mom"

 Kinu was all smiles!  I took the morning off and drove Kinu in to her pre-school open house.  It amazes me to think that next year she will be in kindergarten.  Despite dropping her off and picking her up from this school hundreds of times... the woman at the reception desk still made me sign the guest ledger... When I dropped off my badge, I saw that she had labeled me as Kinu's "Mom."  Here's some other weird and funny things from raising your kids in Asia.
 This is the Ba Pa Ma Fa Chinese Alphabet.  Of course, nobody uses this alphabet outside of classrooms, you never see it on signs or in any real life situation... still, the Taiwanese insist on children learning it if they want to speak Chinese... Of course, I always refuse.
 Yep, it's the Year of the Snake!  Here are some funny kid name banners.  Those are some creepy crawlers.

 And of course, here are some awesome other 'Moms' looking in through the window.  I try not to stay long, when I stand in the window the other children start screaming and poking fingers... calling me 'The Whitie.'  (Also... I'm terribly underdressed, don't you think?)
Yes, that's a loft overhead for nap time and a sweet yellow firemen slide heading down.  Pretty fun, if you ask me.  Have a Great Day, Kinu!

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