Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hi Diddle Dee Dee

 “Hi Diddle Dee Dee, an actor’s life for me..”

Oh yes, it’s true!  Some days, this life of constant travel does wear me down and become a little cliché.
 “A high silk hat and a silver cane, a watch of gold with a diamond chain…”

I get tired of exotic locals and weird adventures and find myself really craving… an office job.  
 “A wax mustache and a beaver coat, a pony cart and a billy goat…”

Preposterous moments of unexpected treasure end in monotonous yawns.
 “You wear your hair in a pompadour.  You ride around in a coach and four.  You stop and buy out a candy store…”

And heart pounding adrenaline situations find me flatline.
 “You promenade a big cigar.  You tour the world in a private car.  You dine on chicken and caviar.”

I’d much rather have a boring and mundane life where nothing spectacular happens.
“An actor’s life for me!”

You can keep your big, bad world.  I want nothing of it, you know?

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