Friday, July 26, 2013

Sand Storm Turns Day Into Night

Returning to work after a holiday is a bummer.  Returning to work in the middle of a blinding sand storm...
The aftermath is incredible.  You can close the doors and lock all the windows, still the tiny grains of sand seep across the floor, sprawl across your kitchen counter, and lay thin layers of silt along your mattress.  It's everywhere.
The sky will tell you when the sand is coming... there's this ominous feel of dread like thunderstorms back in Oregon.  Even the camels stroll toward shelter.
The air rolls up in a foggy bog that swallows up buildings and roads.
These pictures were taken from the inside of Rashid Mall in Jizan the day I returned from Farazan.  We'd already been through a number of sandstorms, but this eventually turned day into night.  It was quite incredible, and foreshadowed all that lay ahead.

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