Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Backwards Boy

“There’s a funny thing in Funny Town.  It’s a backwards boy who’s upside down.”  -Leslie Thompson

Off the little boat with the funny captain who chews cigars and keeps the knife strapped to his leg… walking around in the heat.
“His feet are where his head should be, and there is this that puzzles me: If his head is always on the ground, is it flat instead of round?”  -Leslie Thompson

Stumbled upon all this old Muslim architecture…
“And when he says, ‘Yes,’ does he nod his head or does he wiggle his toes instead?  -Leslie Thompson

These little buildings centuries old that have fallen in upon themselves…
“When he wants some food to eat, does he take it with fingers or with his feet?  -Leslie Thompson

And nobody seems to care if they are upright or upside-down… the stones are carved and etched and left for ruin.
“I’ve pondered this with puzzled frown: Does he button his overalls up or… down?”  -Leslie Thompson

It’s like a negligent child who leaves their expensive toys out in the rain... or in this case, the burning bright sun.
“Alas, that we should never know, how the answers to these questions go!”  -Leslie Thompson

The only people to care for them are the tourists…
“We might as well just give it up.  This backwards boy… I made him up!”  -Leslie Thompson

I mean, the shade alone...

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