Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Farazan Dreem Hotel

 On the first day of EID, I arose before dawn and booked passage on a city ferry to Farazan Island out in the middle of the Red Sea toward Ethiopia and Somalia.  Since I wasn't allowed an exit visa, this was the farthest away I could travel and still remain in the Kingdom.
 This was also my first extended travel within Saudi Arabia and I was excited.  Once on board, I was ushered toward the "unmarried" man section of the boat on the starboard side.  It is against Sharia law for unaccompanied men to sit in the same section as women.
 That didn't stop this young kid from rocking it, though.  AWOO!  Werewolves of Saudi!
 Apparently, Farazan Island has some of the best diving in the world... but when I got there, all I found were dives of a different sort.
 The only available room was the 'Farasan Dreem.'
 Surprisingly, I had the place to myself.
 My room had all the creature comforts... including high tea service.
 And a comfortable waiting area outside for lounging...
 The beach was a couple miles away through the scorching desert.  Looks inviting, huh?
There was a breakfast buffet for men only at the Coral Hotel.
Yes, those are sprinklers.
I would stay here for the next handful of days while I missed my chance to return home for the holiday.  I must admit, this is when I first started planning my escape.

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