Wednesday, July 31, 2013

View Master Time Machine

 I have a view master time machine in my eye.
 A series of slides laying atop and behind one after the other in an endless travel stream.
 Clicking into place everywhere I go.
 Standing on Empire State I see the swirling Seine
From atop Eiffel
The snaking Thames
From spinning London Eye
The sprawling glitter beneath Taipei 101
The blowing sands skirting beyond Burj Khalifa
To the sea.
 Strolling I touch the tarnish brick of Ubud
Red bridges of Lijiang
Cherry blossom petals of Kyoto falling upon my head
Tulips fields of Keukenhof

Himalayan snows of Ladakh 
 Floating I cross the Bosphorous
Into the old world of Istanbul
Sink my fingers in
Dead drifts of Varanasi
Lift the lotus
From Perfume Pagoda Hoi An

Shiver  in the frozen sunlight of Inle Lake
 It’s in faces too
Someone new I see
The brows of old comrades
Lips of past loves

Eyes of my blood.
I have a view master time machine in my eye


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