Friday, July 26, 2013

You like-a the Kepsa? I like-a the Kepsa!

When you teach in Saudi Arabia, you're instructed by the Big Wigs not to talk about anything.  Not books.  Not movies.  Not art.  Politics.  Religion.  History.  Cultures.  Humor.  Sex.  Fun.  You know... the usual spice of life.  But you can talk about food.  In Saudi Arabia, there is one food they eat.  It's a chicken and rice dish called Kepsa.  It's eaten on a big tray on the floor with your hands, scooping the rice and chicken bones into your mouth and sucking your fingers.  It's the one question every Saudi student knows to ask a foreigner.  The conversation goes like this:
"Teacher!  You like-a the Kepsa?  I like-a the Kepsa.  It's very good.  Tell me you like it?  Yes, teacher say yes.  It's so good on your fingers.  Yes?  Yes? Yes?  I know you like it?  You like-a the Kepsa?"
There's really only one way to make them stop.
"Yes, I do.  Do YOU like the Kepsa?"
"Oh teacher...!"

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