Saturday, August 10, 2013

Aladdin Off the Hookah

 Most people have misguided illusions of what travel is... and thank God for it.  They fill their head with images from books whispered to children.
Flying carpets and magic lamps... scowling genies presenting wishes to lowly street urchin.
 Who sail away sultans over the sandy dunes.
 But to the long sustained traveler, the one who makes their home overseas for years upon years, these fantasy tales are often forgotten.  Lost like some abandoned book upon a shelf or a tale erased from memory.
 Surrounded by men without names, faces without eyes, places that will not speak.
 That's why we need you, to jolt us back into the joy of living.
 I realized that again tonight.  Out in the markets wandering in the darkness, chasing the moon over huts that lead to the Red Sea. That travel is about a dream.  Magic is real.  The story is written within.
You are the lamp, so wish away.

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