Saturday, October 12, 2013

Escape to Hong Kong: The Grand Central Station of My Life

 In Hong Kong I climbed to the top of buildings and pressed my face to the glass.  My eyes... overlooked Victoria Harbor... deep within my belly roared a mighty laugh.
 My legs... walked the streets.  My voice... talked to people.  The man unloading a truck, the boys in the park playing soccer, the taxi driver leaning out the window to have a smoke... they all knew me by name.
 In the market my hands... touched dried salamanders and lizards, bins of grains and fruit... the familiar foreignness of life coming back.
 My pores... sweated in the sticky humid heat.
 My nostrils... filled with the weird aromas of the old world.
 My senses... once dulled came back alive.
 Don't worry... I didn't jump.  I was headed home.

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