Monday, October 28, 2013

Fun Things Done First Week in America

 Rebekah's American Journal-  Got eggs form a chicken, Drove a car, Saw and IMAX movie, Picked Flowers, Built rock fort by river, Looked at stars, Played in a Sprinkler..."

There were so many awesome and fun things we did that first week in America... here are just a few:  Show bows and arrows in the back yard.
 Did a Noah's Arc puzzle on a rainy day.
 Camped out under the stars.
 Played serious guitar!
 Did Scavenger Hunts and Adventures!
 Went Scuba Diving with Vacuum Hoses...
 Had Serious Duck, Duck, Goose Games with Cousins.
 Rode Ferris Wheels!
 Took on the Pony Express...

Dug Earth Words up for Secret Fishing Holes.
Made NEW Stomping Grounds Out of Old Ones!

 Achieved Zen...
 Zen was so good we took Zen Naps!
 Then ended the day chilling on the porch swing.  Wow!  What an fun first week.
Then we sat down... and wrote it all out.

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