Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Last Night in Jizan

 For my last official night in Jizan I walked into the open air market...
 I walked a great deal in Arabia, miles a day, and this was no difference.  Down the long King Abdu-Aziz highway... past the hilltop fort... to the market by the Red Sea.
 Of course, I make a commotion... but the people were very friendly.  Many of the Yemenis would speak to me.  We didn't talk about drones or embassy bombings.  No... we talked about our children and the weather and futbol matches.  Good human things.
 This man stopped to shake my hand after I took his picture. He wanted to see it on the screen and gave me a thumbs up!
 This boy practically came through the camera lens...
 Later we were both all smiles...
Outside the children wanted my attention desperately.  We kicked the futbol and they showed me tricks on their bikes... if I had stayed, I would have come back here.  I would have returned to venture into their homes and lives.  I would have made a life for myself.  But this was not my home.  These were not my children.  I completely understood that.  It was time for Saudi to end.  Saying goodbye this night, I think we both knew it too.

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