Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lit Term Stones

One afternoon in Colton I packed up the girls and the art supplies, a bunch of colored Sharpies and paints and little shovels, and headed down to the Molalla River to draw up some Lit Term Stones.

My girls and I have a long-standing love affair with books.  Tom Sawyer and Lemuel Gulliver and Mary Lennox and Winnie the Pooh... just to name a few!  I can't help myself, being the wise old owl that I am... pausing to check for literary term comprehension... a Protagonist here, an Exposition there... sometimes a little,  dare I say...  Foreshadowing? And there's always a Denouement!
Learning and living this way oft reminds me of that line from Frost's Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening..."My little horse must think it queer..."  because I know they think it's natural... that's just our Dad.
 Xian's Journal, June 10, 2013-  "We went to the Molalla River, explored, and built castles.  Then we went to a Mexican Restaurant and ordered some tacos and burritos and went to Aunt Lisa's house.  Gillian and I kept playing KIRBY.  It was fun."
I mean... just listen to that fun day... Mexican Food?  Aunt Lisa's for KIRBY?  That's some serious summer time fun.
But yes... we waded down to the banks of the Molalla River and drew the names of Literary Terms on flat stones, then slugged them into the water.

Said the names out loud like prayers as we watched them sink.
Rebekah's Journal, June 10, 2013-  "Daddy said I could write on the eggs but I can't throw them.  That's okay."  If I read books to the chickens, maybe they will lay eggs with the words already on them."
You should have seen those girls throw.  I'm telling you, man.
High above, a hawk saw.
Looking for the perfect stone is half the fun.  (You've got to build up an appetite for tacos later!)

There are a lot of things you can do in this world on a lazy summer afternoon.  Hanging with your girls down by the river with a copy of Robert Frost in your back pocket is at the top of my list.  

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