Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oregon Parent's Guide to Raising Awesome Kids!

 If you're a parent in Oregon, you're in luck.  It's basically a kid paradise!  Here are a couple of awesome ideas for raining or sunny Northwest days here in the Beaver State.
 Does it look like we're hiding?  Hit OMSI, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and check out Saber Tooth Tiger skeletons then go drink some organic milk shakes at Burgerville up the street on MLK.
 Practice routing river water then explore real beaver damns in Tigard along Southwest 121st and Merestone Court.  Take your boots!
 OMSI not only has cool exhibits like the static electricity machine, but also the submarine outside... which is kind of overrated actually.  Instead, walk east and cruise the Hawthorne Bridge by foot into downtown and take in a free concert at PSU.  Now that's hair raising.
 Rebekah's American Journal.  June 12, 2013-  "We went to OMSI and learned about recycling and supply and demand and energy and science.  We also went to an IMAX movie and watched polar bears eat baby seals."

Check online for times and prices, but the OMSI IMAX is always a great experience... even for young viewers like my youngest, who is six.
Don't forget the Northwest Uniform:  Shorts and Fleece Sweater.  Here are some intrepid Oregon Parents... coffee mugs in hand!
 Give your kids a day they will never forget.  Pull them out of school and walk through the Portland Zoo.  Sublet a yearly pass with another couple of families... it's like having a free ticket inside.
 Portland has so many options for indoor activities... the Portland Rock Climbing Company or Silver Creek Falls or ice skating at Lloyd Center or flying kites at the Arboretum.  (Psst!  Homemade kites from fallen tree branches and taped newspaper are the best)  Oh... the Portland Zoo's oldest resident... this sweet Orangutan totally agrees.
Of course, you could check out the new baby elephants...
 Or these sweet new lions... what's up Queens of the Jungle?
 You can check out these bats up close or just hit the Ape Cave Lave Tubes up north near Mt. St. Helens.  Don't forget your headlamps and rugged shoes...
Rebekah's American Journal.  June 14, 2013-  "Today we spent all day at the zoo.  We saw lions, otters, bats, and others.  It was so much fun.  We even had elefant ears..."

Of course, for most Oregonians, the roads and paths to these gem spots are well worn... but for others, I hope this helped.  Here's to raising awesome kids.  Get out and explore.

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