Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oregon Summer

 Rebekah's Big USA Summer Journal:
June 3rd, 2013-  "The road to Grammy's house is very long and curvy.  It makes bubbles in my stomach."
 "The sky is blue and the grass is very green.  Daddy says the grass is made of whispers.  He says I have to listen closely to hear them."
 "We flew from Taiwan to Japan to Portland and Grammy and Grampy picked us up and drove us to their big house in Colton."
 "We climbed to the top of the house."
 "This is called 'Goat Mountain' but I don't see any goats!
 "We made a pie in Grammy's kitchen.  Grammy bakes really yummy stuff.  Kinu was scared of the flour.  She thought it was flowers."
 "This is a picture of Grammy and Grampy when they are young.  I don't want to draw them with white hair.  It looks like it hurts."
 "We played all day outside and dug for bugs in the grass.  Daddy says there is a whole world of bugs waiting underground.  I really want to see a gopher."
"At night we camped in the basement in sleeping bags.  Grammy has a whole library full of books for us to read.  There are also lots of toys.  There is a bow and arrow and roller skates and a piano to play.  Summer has started.  I'm so excited."  -Rebekah's Journal:  June 3, 2013

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