Friday, October 4, 2013

Saudi Scholar Geek Off at Al-Massmak Riyadh

 Hanging out in Riyadh trying to visit the detention center, I skinned out to Al Massmak fortress and found this awesome history lesson.  This dude was totally drinking the Saudi Scholar Kool-Aid.
 Even the Muslim Ladies loved it…take a look:
 “Through this gate in the early morning of the 5th of Shawwal 1319corresponding to the 15th of January 1902, the young Emir Abdul-Aziz bin Abdurrahman Al-Saud and his band of followers embarked on a course of action which was to change the entire history of Arabia.”
 Oh… there’s more!
 “The storming of this gate was the beginning of a victory which would only end with the unification of most parts of the Arabian Peninsula and the foundation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
 Key word… “most.”
 “The small postern gate, which played so important a part in the assault on Al-Massmak, and the spearhead which was embedded in  it…”
  “...symbolize the trials which were to confront King Abdul-Aziz as he fulfilled the history role which had been determined.”
 Inshallah… it is written!
 So  basically, Al Massmak fortress is a pretty cool trip inside Riyadh.  There are plenty of tailor shops and little cafés… men only… and an open air souq that was wonderful fun to stroll through.
I talked to many people today, just local Saudis curious about me… and curious about my purse strings, sure.  But I passed through this rough area unscathed.  It was worth the trip out.  Now… Mad Dog tomorrow!

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