Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Crater Lake in My Pocket

 Awoke early and rode out before dawn... packed the minivan full of supplies, DVD's, books, chips, boxes of juice, road maps, and Oregon Field Guides... and headed south toward Crater Lake.
 It was late June and the road in was still a little dicey... snow banks and whistling wind... fog and mist and a backseat full of oooh's and awwwwe's!
 And then we arrived at majestic Crater Lake!
 The water always stuns me... so crystal blue.  Everyone says it, but it's so true.
 Xian's American Journal.  June 26, 2013-  "Waking up before the sun, we drove into the Southern part of Oregon to Mt. Mazama to see Crater Lake.  There was snow and cold wind and we saw a cute little baby chipmunk."
 Standing on the crest overlooking the amazing blue... all that deep American expanse.  This is just the beginning.  There is no end to our world, just moments we collect and store away.  Our pockets full, we overflow in abundance.

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