Saturday, November 16, 2013

Crater Lake Trivial Pursuit

1.     What is the distance across Crater Lake?
a.     3 X 4 miles
b.     7 X 6 miles
c.      8 X 9 miles

d.     5 X 6 miles
2.     What was the original name of Crater Lake’s mountain?
a.      St. Helens
b.     Mazama
c.      Jasper

d.     Montezuma 
3.     How high does the snow fall each year?
a.     488 inches
b.     613 inches
c.      337 inches

d.     445 inches
4.     When was Crater Lake discovered?
a.      1802 by Lewis and Clark
b.     1853 by John Wesley Hillman
c.      1907 by John McGloughlin
d.     1836 by Harry Stanton Ryler
5.     Who is the Old Man of the Lake?
a.      A magical sword looking rock that rises like Excalibur
b.     A mystical looking stone face overlooking the crater
c.      Bigfoot who has been spotted by numerous visitors every year

d.     Full sized tree bobbing vertically out of the water
6.     What is the name for the island in Crater Lake?
a.     Spirit Mountain
b.     Hogwarts
c.      Wizard

d.     Fog Hat
7.     What is the deepest lake in the world?
a.      Baikal, Russia
b.     Caspian, Iran
c.      Malawi, Mozambique
d.     Vostok, Antarctica 
8.     What is the Phantom Ship?
a.      A tourist boat that sank during a snow storm on the lake in 1946
b.     A rock island that resembles the masts of a ship
c.      A stone formation on the cylinder of the crater

d.     A mysterious set of sails that appear on foggy nights

(Answers:  d  b  a  b  d  c  a  b)

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