Saturday, November 9, 2013

Stumptown Treasure... Keeping it Weird!

Some concepts are harder to teach than others... cruising around downtown with my daughters... walking over the Hawthorne Bridge that empties into the dirty hippies of Tom McCall...making devilish eyes toward the waiters on smoke breaks at Veritable Quandary... gabbing with rubber boot boy at the MAX stop on 2nd before hitting the Pioneer Square farmer's market for boysenberries big as my fist... making the trek down to Burnside ... skipping that hipster doofus doughnut place on principle... feeling, very weird!
Xian's American Journal- "Portland is the biggest city in Oregon and it's known as the Rose City.  The river is the Willamette... it's beautiful..."
(Homeless man and Ironic Slash Hairstyle Dude year Yamhill)

It's hard to put your finger on the pulse of Portland...
(Downward view of The Nines lounge... I used to see Santa Claus here and ride the magical roof train as a kid)

Portlanders don't care what you say or feel or write about their city... We're uniquely curious that way.
(Portland Trivia:  Name the exact location of this sign?  Yeah, I know, too easy!)

We like it tucked away and personal, like a shoe box of kid treasures hidden in the closet to be opened years later...when surprise gives way to nostalgia...
(Dudes working very hard to wait for a train... Pioneer Square)

Maybe it's all the rain pelting our brains to mush.
(A Mecca of sorts... for some!)

But if you never walk her streets or crash on her busted couches... or kick around her corners and cobwebbed shelves... you're no worse off.
(Men's bathroom, Virginia Cafe, Portland Oregon)

Still... if you have... than what a delight!

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