Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Poems by Joyce Kilmer Not About Trees

“When dawn strides out to wake a dewy farm
Across green fields and yellow hills of hay
The little twittering birds laugh in his way
And poise triumphant on his shining arm.”  -Kilmer, Alarm Clocks

Drove south and hit the Redwoods!  A bunch of tree huggers in a van.
“The darts of toil and sorrow, sent
Against your peaceful beauty, are
As foolish and as impotent
As wind that blows against a star.”   -Kilmer, As Wind That Blows Against a Star

The kids strained their necks looking up... Dad too!
“For these young flippertigibbets
A-rhyming their hours away
They won’t be still like honest men
And listen to what you say.”  -Kilmer, Old Poets

We parked and hiked out into the trees and followed the trails... sat out in the little jagged lines of sunlight between the pine branches..and breathed.
“That I love a beautiful lady
Her eyes, Monsignore,
Are so blue that they put lovely little blue reflections
On everything that she looks at
Such as a wall
Or the moon
Or my heart.”  -Kilmer, A Blue Valentine

No phones.  No GPS.  No screens.  Just sitting and being in nature.  That's the best place for a person to be.  To just sit and be human.
“Love’s lantern
Through miles on weary miles of night
That stretch relentless in my way
My lantern burns serene and white
An unexhausted cup of day.”  -Kilmer, Love’s Lantern

Of course... when I sit for very long, old poems just start bouncing around in my head...Joyce Kilmer's Ode to Trees for one...even though it's totally ridiculous.
“The young poet screams forever
About his sex and his soul;
But the old man listens and smokes his pipe
And polishes its bowl.”  -Kilmer, Old Poets

I like his others so much more... especially Old Poets.
Xian's American Journal:  "Today we went to the Redwoods in California and we saw lots of trees...No, big trees... No, huge trees... yes, huge trees."
“For reckless leaps into darkness
With hands outstretched to a star
There is jubilation in Heaven
Where the great dead poets are.”  -Kilmer, Apology

Mom got into the act too.  Swinging on a Star!
“Serene, unchanging, ever fair
I smile with secret mirth
And in a net of mine own hair
I swing the captive earth.”  -Kilmer, Madness (for Sara Teasdale)

Wish we could stay here forever...but the road is calling...let's flip a coin!  Ah yes, it's north we go.

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