Saturday, November 16, 2013

Discovering Morning

I was restless... I never sleep well.
Woke up in the dark, walked into the bathroom of the Crater Lake Lodge and took this picture over the magnificent lake...
Left the girls in bed wrapped up next to their mom... wrapped myself in a warm sweatshirt, and headed out for an early morning hike around the rim.  The lodge was eerily quiet, warming myself by the fire before finally setting out...
Up through the forest on the southern side I followed the mind clear, my feet plodding forward... the Oregon way.
Above the tree line, about two miles from the lodge, I could see Shasta at sun-up... California awaits!
Take the time to discover mornings... that's what I know.
Think deeply about what you have and what you want... where you've been and what is important...
Return to it... maybe you'll find... it was looking for you too.

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