Monday, December 2, 2013

Kickin’ Old School Peter Piper in the Pike Street Public Square

“Now Dr. Seuss and Mother Goose both did their thing
But Jam Master’s getting loose and D.M.C.’s the king…”  -Run D.M.C.

Here's to places you return to that are exactly how you left them.
“He’s the better of the best, best believe he’s the baddest
Perfest timing when I’m climbing I’m the rhyming acrobatist…”  -Run D.M.C.

What a miraculous be timeless.
“Lotta guts, when he cuts, girls move their butts
His name is Jay, here to play, he must be nuts…”  -Run D.M.C.

Step into a place you have visited so many times you know the twists and turns like grooves on your hand.
“Jay’s like King Midas, as I was told…
Everything he touches turns to gold.”  -Run D.M.C.

Like song lyrics that are a part of you.
“Like the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker
He’s a maker, a breaker, and a title taker…”  -Run D.M.C.

Like an old book whose pages are shaped and bent by your touch.
“Like the little old lady who lived in a shoe
If cuts were kids he would be through…”  -Run D.M.C.

Like the oldest of friends who are never far from you.
“Not lying y’all he’s the best I know
And if I like my nose will grow.”  -Run D.M.C.

These places and faces and words and sounds... all make up who we are.
“Like a little wooden boy named Pinocchio
And you all know how the story go.”  -Run D.M.C.

What a delightful thing.
“Trix are for kids he plays much gigs
He’s the big bad wolf and you’re the 3 pigs.”  -Run D.M.C.

There are no rules for that.  Not laws of nature that don't apply.  What we share is who we are.
“We’re Run D.M.C. got a beef to settle
Dee’s not Hansel, he’s not a Gretel.”  -Run D.M.C.

I don't know what comes next.  I have no idea what will happen tomorrow.
“Jump on Jay like cow jumped moon
People chase Jay like dish and spoon.”  -Run D.M.C.

The very thought of this should shake one to their core.
“And like all fairy tales end
You’ll see Jay again my friend, hough!”  -Run D.M.C.

No... not us.  We're timeless.

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