Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Adventure Book For Girls

There’s something that’s been bothering me lately and I guess now’s as good a time as any to get if off my chest.  
Over the past few months I’ve been researching Adventure Books for Kids and what a surprise... I’ve found a glaring disparity among the sexes.
Sure, this is nothing new, but it got me thinking.  Why is it that in the:  Adventure Book for Boys, there’s a plethora of awesome chapters like:  “How to Build a Rope Ladder” and “What To Do When Attacked By a Bear"? 
But in the Book of Girl’s Adventures, there is an abundance of headings such as: “How to Decorate a Sea Shell Alarm Clock” and “Journaling with Stickers”? 
What a bum deal?  One kid grows up MacGiver / Robinson Crusoe, the other might as well start preparing to live with her cats.  
Even the names of the books suggest something comically disproportionate:  Active adventure seeks boys out; girls seek adventure privately from within.
Contrary, as an educator, we attempt to balance our critical thinking skills in the classroom.  
Here’s a list of skills a strong teacher would have both male and female students demonstrate throughout the year:  Analysis, Inference, Evaluation, Explanation, Clarification, Accuracy, Precision, Relevance, Significance, Fairness, Observation, Interpretation, and Credibility.  (Fun Huh?)  
Of course, parents are no stranger to these.  Here’s a list of real world skills great parents are imparting to their young ones:  Asking Questions, Solving Problems, Tackling Projects, Finding Passions, Independence, Being Happy, Compassion, Tolerance, Dealing with Change…etc!
But ya know what I want?  I want to eliminate all the non-specific mumbo-jumbo and kill-off all the “edu-speak.”  I want study how boys have traditionally been raised in societies and give girls a fighting chance.  In short… I want to raise bad-ass daughters!
So I’ve compiled a list of things I’ve been teaching my girls while traveling to America this summer.  I hope that any parent who stumbles upon this list, would get inspired and email me their awesome activities… specific skill sets… of cool things for girls to master…a real Adventure Book for Girls. 
Here are just some…

Pitching Tents
Changing a Tire
Wiring a Circuit
Playing Chess
Hiking with a Compass
Darning a Sock
Making a Layup
Changing a Light Bulb
Unclogging a Toilet
Throwing a Spiral
Raking Leaves / Jumping in the Pile
Making Bows and Arrows
Climbing Trees
Digging Trenches
Counting Cards
Horse Jumping
Bucking Hay
Driving a Stick
Making Sand Castles
Riding Horses
Loading Guns
Building Short Wave Radios
Baking Cookies
Baiting a Hook
Chopping Down Christmas Trees
Milking Cows
Finding Constellations
Pouring Cement
Building Kites
Whittling Wood
Changing Bicycle Chains
Making Forts
Using Morse Code
Root Beer Floats
Slips N Slides
Reassembling Machines
Charting Map Courses
Using a Sun Dial
Stringing Zip Lines
… and my personal favorite thanks to Aunt Lisa… Raising Chickens!
So get out there and rock it, Moms and Dads...this is your time.  Let the Adventure Begin!

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