Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ya' Like My Swagg

Perfect day in Seattle...spent the morning drinking coffee and looking out the window of the 44th floor at the Westin watching the sea planes land on Lake Washington... then strolled down to the Space Needle... rode the monorail to Westlake Mall and wandered over to Pike Street to watch flying fish and slurp noodles at my favorite Chinese cafe overlooking the Sound... secretly mocked the crowds at the very first Starbucks... and shopped for books in Seattle's oldest bookstore... then off to see my friends Ed and Sabrina for barbecue.   What an awesome day!
Funny elevator buttons at the Westin Hotel, Downtown Seattle

Peruvian band at base of Space Needle...

All Aboard the Monorail!

Haha... Who Wants a Postcard?
Look at these little travelers!

Like the man says... Ya' Like My Swagg?

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