Monday, January 27, 2014

Go Moan for Man; Go Moan! -Beat Museum, San Francisco

“A lot of people have asked me why I wrote that book or any book.  All the stories I wrote were true because I believed in what I saw…”  -Kerouac, Visions of Cody

Saw this one coming, did you?
“I was traveling west one time at the junction of the state of Colorado…and I saw in the clouds, huge and massed above the  fiery golden desert of eveningfall the great image of God with forefinger pointed straight at me, through halos and rolls and gold folds that were like the existence of a gleaming spear in His right hand, would sayeth, “Come on boy.  Go thou across the ground; go moan for man; go moan; go groan, go groan alone.  Go roll your bones, alone…”  -Kerouac, Visions of Cody

This is my guy having a Saul on the road to Damascus moment.
“Go thou.  Go thou die hence, and of this world report you well and truly…anyway, I wrote that book because we’re all going to die…in the loneliness of my life… nothing here but my own tragic hands that once were guarded by a world in sweet attention, but are not left to guide and disappear in their own way into the common dark of all our death, sleeping in me raw bed alone and stupid with just this one pride and consolation, my heart broke in general despair and opened up inwards, to the Lord…”  -Keroauc, Visions of Cody

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