Monday, January 20, 2014

Hey Hartenstein, What's on TV this morning?

 WELL... funny you asked.  While YOU were enjoying the NFL playoffs in comfy living room high definition... I enjoyed my first day of Lunar New Year Vacation with... you guessed it, awesome Asian TV.  Watch and Weep People!
 Channel #1:  Sweaty Chinese Pastor.  This show is over four hours long.  Fidel Castro thinks this guy talks too much.
 Channel #2:  The Buddhist Channel
 Channel #3:  Next Buddhist Channel
 Channel #4:  Still Another Buddhist Channel
 Channel #5:  Serious Ping Pong!
 Channel #6:  Star GOLD Channel.  Chubby Mustached Bollywood Star Dancing to Michael Jackson.
 Studded Cowboy Hat and Boots...
 Yes, there was uncomfortable crotch-grabbing.
 Channel #7:  Snarky Chinese Lady
 Reason for her snark!
 Channel #8:  Totally Awesome Chinese Cyclopes Drama.
 The range of emotions this guy conveys with just one eye... amazing!
 Channel #9:  Creepy Keanu Reeves / Matrix Puppet Show.
 Channel #10:  Let Me Show You My Tiger Stance
 Channel #11:  Asian Music Channel-  Reason Justin Bieber Needs to be Stopped
 This is a Heavy Metal Band...
 I watch this show without blinking...
 Channel #12:  Asian Cooking Game Show-  Contestants eat spicy food.
 Emotions are hard to control.  Yes, that's a Panda Shirt.
I just wanted to watch a little football today, that's all.

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