Thursday, January 16, 2014

Obscure Character's in Tolstoy's War and Peace

 As the East Coast leg of our America Trip 2013 ends... it's time to catch up on some awesome American Kid Journals...
 King Kong at Empire State- Xian: "The best part of the day was having fun together and... Kinu tooting in the elevator."  Nice!
 New York MET- Rebekah:  "Daddy taught us the Classical Age..."
 Chasing after Medusa-  here Kinu gives her best rendition of the former Temple of Aphrodite priestess.
 Often over the past few months, these journals have reminded me of one of my favorite, albeit obscure character's in Tolstoy's War and Peace, Prince Andrei Nikolayevich Bolkonsky's father, Prince Bolkonsky, a man after my own heart.
 I love him... there's nothing like reading books as a young person and then reading them again decades later for a whole new perspective on life.  Prince Bolkonsky is a traditional, staunch, purist that has retired to his estate in the country with his young daughter, whom he tutors, to keep the world away from her.  He is only concerned with teaching her two subjects:  Furiously writing memoirs, and solving difficult mathematical equations that demand mental perseverance.
 Yeah... I know, right?  Old Russian codger with a wispy white beard and bottomless night shirt, splattering ink all over the table and spouting to his son who is about to leave to fight Napoleon, his idol... "When I die, take my writings to the Emperor personally!"
 It just cracks me up!  I have loved every second of traveling around with my girls.  Opening these journals in cafe's and city parks, train stations and at the feet of mighty monuments... my girls have recorded their life, and I couldn't be prouder.
 Our trip heads back to the West Coast now, to another famous city full  of books and light.
See ya on the other side... East Coast.

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