Friday, February 21, 2014

Angelou, Alone

 "Lying, thinking last night, how to find my soul a home..."  -Angelou, Alone

I can't stop.
 "Where water is not thirsty, and bread loaf is not stone.  I came up with one thing, and I don't believe I'm wrong."  -Angelou, Alone

The world just breaks my heart.
"That nobody, but nobody, can make it out here alone..."  -Angelou, Alone 

Singing.  Laughing.  Sobbing.  Warts, Farts, and All.  I'm still sweet on this place.
"There are some millionaires with money they can't use..."  -Angelou, Alone 

Problem is, most days, she doesn't like me much.
 "Their wives run around like banshees, their children sing the blues..."  -Angelou, Alone

Nips my heels, bites my butt, yells at me from the porch to get off her lawn.
 "They've got expensive doctors, to cure their hearts of stone..."  -Angelou, Alone

I'd gladly oblige.  But what's the alternative?
 "But nobody, no nobody, can make it out here alone."  -Angelou, Alone

Some parallel existence of the unknown, some onion layered mirror folded in and upon itself void of time and space, some doomed plate of linguini we're destined to hurl against a wall over and over for eternity?
 "Now if you listen closely, I'll tell you what I know.  Storm clouds are gathering, the wind is gonna blow..."  -Angelou, Alone

Nobody knows.  So what'cha gonna do?
"The race of man is suffering, and I can hear the moan..."  -Angelou, Alone

Me...?  Today I put on my zebra striped spandex leggings and mesh see through singlet top, donned a Hello Kitty biker helmet with pink studded jacket... and joined the parade. 

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